Woodpecker Control and Mitigation

Woodpeckers can be a real problem. They can damage your home and cost you hundreds of dollars in repairs because of woodpecker holes.

The most common woodpecker along the Front Range is the Northern Flicker, also known as the Red Shafted Flicker. Red Shafted Flickers are protected by federal law during their nesting period because they are considered a migratory species.

Nesting begins after the drumming (mating) period. The male flicker causes most of the damage to the property when he drums (pecks) on anything that will make noise to attract a female or warn other males that they are close to his territory. Flickers can drum on poles, trees, metal vents, and home or building siding. This drumming normally takes place from the first of March through May.
You will need a trained woodpecker removal company to solve your problem. We specialize in getting rid of Woodpeckers in a safe and efficient manner. There are many ways to get rid of Woodpeckers. We offer Woodpecker repellents, Woodpecker deterrents and several ways to deter Woodpeckers from damaging your property.

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We'll take care of removal and cleanup services

We use bird netting, spikes, electric shock and other programs for everything from woodpecker removal to pigeon prevention. After solving your problem, we'll provide cleanup services to take care of any potential health-related issues due to nests, urine or droppings.

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