Pigeon Problems?

Pigeon Problems?

Ask us about pigeon removal services in the Front Range when you call Bird Control Inc.

Pigeons can be found in almost every city in the United States and around the world! When they make a habit of turning up in your home, they can become a real problem. Like us they need food, water, and shelter. They are great scavengers and will eat almost anything. Pigeons tend to feed, nest and roost anywhere that will protect them from the elements, and they will return to this nest day after day. This can make them a nuisance and a potential hazard around your home.

Pigeons are able to survive in urban, industrial, and commercial settings due to their uncanny homing ability. No matter how far away they fly, they will always make it back to their nest. Additionally, pigeons do not migrate. They spend the entire year in their home territory and lay two eggs at a time, up to five times a year, and mate two times a year for life. These bird will use their nest year after year if allowed to. This can result in the buildup of droppings and refuse that could be a health hazard and damage roofs and gutters. We can get your pigeon problem under control in Thornton, Denver, and the front range area, CO. Our team knows how to safely get rid of pigeons, so you can stay safe in your home.

Bird Control, Inc. has spent the last 40+ years trying to control our customers' pigeon problems. There are permanent means of discouraging pigeons from being in and around the buildings that you own or frequent. We consider permanent techniques first to quickly eliminate the problem. If there is not a permanent solution we can explore several other products and procedures. Either way, we are in this together and are looking forward to discussing your specific problem.

Turn to our team before you have a family of pigeons flying around in your yard. Contact us today to schedule a pigeon removal service.

Pigeons can transmit illness and disease

According to Medical News Today, the most common diseases that are transmitted from pigeons to humans are:

E. coli - this disease can be transmitted when bird droppings land in water or food supplies that are consumed by humans. Typically, this can be prevented by washing food thoroughly before eating. Some symptoms include nausea, fevers and cramps.
St. Louis encephalitis- this disease is spread by mosquitos after they feed on a bird, such as a pigeon, that carries the pathogen. This causes inflammation to the nervous system and is particularly dangerous in adults over 60 years old.
Histoplasmosis- this is a respiratory disease that occurs from inhaling the fungus that grows in pigeon droppings.
Candidiasis- this is another respiratory disease that is caused by the fungus and yeast found in pigeon droppings. There are multiple reactions that can occur, including irritation of the mouth, skin, intestines, urinary tract and respiratory system.
Salmonellosis- this is commonly referred to as food poisoning. This infection spreads when infected droppings turn into dust and contaminate food as well as food preparation surfaces.

Pigeons around your home can be potentially very hazardous. The birds are also known to be carriers of mites, fleas and the West Nile virus. When you need pigeon removal services, call 303-733-4931 ASAP. Our team will schedule a pigeon control service immediately.