Dealing With Unwanted Bats or Birds?

Call Bird Control Inc. for Bird Removal & Bat Removal, covering the Front Range and all of Colorado

When you’re frustrated by messy birds and the damage they’re doing to your home or office, call a professional bird control company. Bird Control Inc. offers bird removal services in the Front Range, Denver, and Thornton, Colorado area.

We use humane methods to encourage relocation of the birds you’re having problems with. Our services include:

Pigeon control | Woodpecker control | Bat control | Solar panel protection
We’re the company to call when you’re interested in relocating your birds using humane methods. Contact Bird Control Inc. today for bird control services in the Front Range and state of Colorado. 

We use a variety of effective bird control methods

Our methods focus on deterring any birds from returning to the area. We use nets and other exclusionary and effective processes, such as electric shocks and slides. One pesticide is available, but it's not designed to kill.

Give yourself peace of mind about the bird removal process by contacting Bird Control Inc., located in Thornton, CO.

We have the experience you're searching for

Bird Control Inc has been family owned and operated since 1956. We offer thorough and reliable bird control services so you'll know your residential or commercial property is protected. You can have peace of mind knowing your problem is solved and the bird was humanely removed.

Call 303-733-4931 today to schedule bird removal services in the Front Range and state of Colorado.