Solar Panel Bird Control Services

Rooftop solar panels not only supply alternate and efficient power supply, but they also supply a perfect dwelling for pigeons and other critters. While the sun is providing you with an alternate source of power during the daylight hours, the pigeons have found a perfect place to call home.

These and other critters will make a home under your panels and leave their nesting materials and droppings to soil your roof and fill your gutters. This could lead to early replacement of your roof and a dangerous buildup of droppings and nesting materials.

Thank goodness there is a permanent solution to this problem. Bird Control, Inc can clean all the buildup under your panels and the gutters below and install a proven deterrent to keep all critters out but allow rainwater to pass through.

We would be happy to inspect your solar panels with no obligation to provide you with a cost proposal.
Remember, pigeons will not leave on their own if they have a safe place to nest and roost.